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What We Do!

Develop Leaders
Children experience transformation through churches with transformed leaders. Vizazi Uganda ministry teams work with children’s workers in local churches to help them become a ‘Model Children’s Worker’. A ‘Model Children’s worker’ demonstrates the five qualities found in Deuteronomy 6:2-9 and becomes a key element of transformation in children’s lives. Vizazi Uganda is developing a growing number of Model Children’s Workers in every region of Uganda.

Establish a National Ministry
The best people to equip churches for great children’s ministry and develop Model Children’s Workers are National Christian leaders within the culture. They speak the language, know the society and can relate best to their own children. God has called them to minister to children and Vizazi Uganda comes alongside. In our country Uganda, Vizazi Uganda is in the process of board development, staff development and national fund development.

Create Transformational Ministry
Great children’s ministry is all about transformation. The gospel is not just some facts we agree with or a story that we hear and believe is true. The Good News is that God has given us the opportunity to experience a new life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sharing the message of salvation with children and helping them know and experience the new life that Christ offers is the essence of transformation. Jesus wants to give children a new life. The delivery tool is the church and its’ people.

Vizazi Uganda believes it is crucial to assess our ministry effectiveness both in a qualitative and quantitative manner. Our national ministry teams work to evaluate efforts so that we can grow and develop greater ministry effectiveness. Evaluation information is gathered and analyzed to help us improve our efforts to see children transformed in Christ through His Church.